About Mentorship

Mentorship is a developmental relationship in which a more experienced guides one who is less experienced.  This includes sharing skills and information necessary to foster that individual’s personal or professional growth.

What are the benefits of Mentorship?

Mentorship helps the mentee or protégé (one being mentored) to make well-informed decisions about their careers and/or personal lives.  By having a mentor, one has gained a guide, a teacher as well as a wealth of information and networks already known by the mentor. Mentorship also indirectly teaches one to develop leadership skills and establish their unique leadership style, which is seen in the way one takes responsibility of their own life.

Significance of mentorship in WomEng

Over the years, WomEng has been successfully attracting bright young minds into engineering and enabling the exchange of ideas between women in engineering all over South Africa. The remaining challenge, however, is retaining skilled youth in the industry. Hundreds of talented high school girls go through our GirlEng programme each year, which ignites an interest in engineering. The major task for WomEng, however, is to provide oxygen to this interest and provide the necessary guidance to facilitate a successful high school to university transition. More so, maintaining a high level of interest is crucial at the university-industry transition stage, as it determines one’s career trajectory.  At both these stages, some may fail to consider success in engineering as an attainable goal due to inadequate mentorship opportunities to foster a growing interest and ambition.

Concerning women and the engineering field, some of the typical career dilemmas include:

  • whether or not to enter the engineering field

  • which type of engineering to consider

  • how to choose a company to work for upon completion of studies

  • which career path to follow after entering the industry

  • prospects of a success as a female engineer striving for work-life balance.

Such decisions can only be made with an on-going, guided process, which is why Mentorship is one of the WomEng core principles and the golden thread that runs through the entire organisation.


How can I get involved?

One may become a full-time GirlEng mentor who is assigned a group of high school learners to introduce to the world of engineering and guide their decision making process over several months. Alternatively, one may opt to be an occasional mentor at GirlEng and Fellowship mentorship events (this is open to both males and females).

By becoming a WomEng mentor, you have the opportunity to

  • change a life

  • Learn more about yourself and grow your leadership skills

  • enhance your communication skills

  • learn more things about engineering through other mentors and workshop facilitators at your disposal

  • Gain access to the WomEng network and networking opportunities

  • Witness the growing interest of  South African and Global Women in Engineering and knowing you are part of the change

For more information about how this work email mentorship@sawomeng.org.za or volunteer here on our website.