About GirlEng

GirlEng: Who are we?

WomEng’s core philosophy has always embraced 'Igniting the engineering flame' and the retention of women in engineering. However we are also an organisation whose target market has traditionally been female engineering students in their penultimate and final years. In a sense we've been preaching to the converted. More importantly, we’ve been placing the horse before the cart so to speak. One cannot solve the women engineering conundrum by focusing on the retention of women in engineering without attracting girls into engineering. So it is from this very conundrum that the GirlEng concept was born. GirlEng is the missing piece in the WomEng stable. This is how it fits into the puzzle:

It is the GirlEng dream to start the engineering journey from the schooling stage. With GirlEng we aim to inform and encourage these young minds to enter into the fascinating world of engineering so that they can start their journey of changing the world one step at a time. The very definition of an engineer is one who is: ’concerned with developing economical and safe solutions to practical problems, by applying mathematics and scientific knowledge while considering technical constraints. As such, the work of engineers is the link between perceived needs of society and commercial applications. Some consider this profession to be the link between art and science’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engineer, Feb 2009). So, if your interests lie in creating a prosperous nation with efficient infrastructure, technological advancement, ’a better life for all’ then look no further

The current avenues for improving awareness of engineering to high schools students are as follows:

 - Information sessions: one-day sessions used to expose high school students to the broad world of engineering where they have the opportunity to hear the stories of our top engineering students and young engineers who serve as inspiration. Information sessions are also hosted at various schools and Universities.
- Weekend Workshops: The aim of the workshop speaks to the core of WomEng which is “igniting the engineering flame,” mentorship and creating a society of innovative thinkers.  

GirlEng Info Sessions        GirlEng Weekend Workshop