The need for targeted programs to attract more girls into engineering and to retain female engineers has drawn global attention. As such, WomEng, together with our partners, will be sharing the invaluable lessons learnt in South Africa and packaging programs for other countries. The first country to launch a sister organisation was Kenya with a vision to take WomEng programs across the globe to where it is needed.

Each country program is carefully developed and localized to address the needs on the ground. The programs have local ownership; they are locally driven, and have the complete support and mentorship from the WomEng Global Team. Each country may not have the full scale of programing but it is envisaged that within 2 years, each country would be self-reliant to roll out and develop targeted program not just within their own country, but also within the region.

As Kenya continues to develop, with a group of passionate young engineers on the ground, WomEng looks towards starting to develop a West African presence to bring the same programmatic approach to developing West African women in engineering starting in Nigeria. WomEng is able to scale to other countries, including Turkey, Singapore and the United Kingdom, making it a truly global organisation.